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Setting / Placement
Character Development
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Proving Grounds
Production & Fabrication

Bound to a system of joints and bones, a character begins to take shape with every pose and expression.


As much as we cut and paste what we see, it is our actions that give us away not the sources of our appropriation. Inspiration comes from a life shared, a collection of voices filtered through one vision.

Setting / Placement

When establishing an overall visual concept, the environment must be staged to support its cast of characters. By placing all the stationary elements within reach, the setting can then reveal the history and the characters who define it.

Character Development

Every model has a reference. A place to start and then all at once to divert from. The treatment is what maintains the overall integrity of the character. Its personality, its foundation, grounded by the very materials used and the care that is applied.

Sound & Rendering

Everything eventually comes to an end. And at all endings, there is a brief period of reflection. The cycle seems endless, but as time goes by with each passing, a transformation gradually takes place and a new meaning is acquired.

Allegory of a Cave

Perception as Deception


Distract and Redirect


The Sum of All its Parts


Cause and Effect

Surrrying rats, dancing shadowsPencil chase eraseBird in flight animate and dissectRolling grass, house in the horizon
Behind the Scenes - On Site

Rancho Mirage  ⟼  Proving Grounds
Based in / on / about Southern California
Creative Director:
Timothy Glenn McGraw

Each fabrication is drawn from immediate impulses and the experimental process of constructing a personal aesthetic.

When creating an experience, either artificial or real, the audience will always approach it with hesitation. Uncertainty warrants a close inspection and the details later to be discovered must elicit as much tension as it does a release.

Site - Color Key:
Known for its permanence, Iron gall ink ranges from a dark blue hue to a purplish black. When first applied, the ink appears transparent but as time passes it slowly reveals itself. The author's mark is clear but hidden. He knows what is there while the viewer waits in anticipation.

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